Sunday, January 1, 2012

new year goals

oh, 2012. how you snuck up on me. that's okay though because i am so ready for you.
2011 was actually a pretty long year for me. here are some highlights:

February - April: Worked in a temp position for one of the nation's best public relations firm.
March: Purchased my first smart phone. yes - that makes the list :)
June: Spent 5 days in Tennessee camping at Bonnaroo (music and art festival) SO much fun!
September: Landed my first job that came with benefits, paid vacation and 40lk. Hallelujah!
December: Purchased an iMac and my first DSLR camera that I've been wanting for years.

It may not seem like a whole lot happened in 2011, but I'm pretty happy with what did.
I'm setting some big goals for myself in 2012 - some more important than others - but goals all the same.
Here's a sneak peak:

1. Move out by June. This was originally supposed to happen in December, but then I purchased some pricey items as mentioned above, so I'm paying those off first.
2. Excercise at least three times a week. I go through months of working out every single day, then a few months of never working out. I just need consistency in a reasonable amount.
3. Travel back to Tennessee. Whether that be for Bonnaroo or just to visit Nashville - I love Tennessee.
4. Spend New Year's Eve in Time Square. Now, with this goal, it's possible that I will change my mind a year from now and not want to spend New Year's Eve in NYC. But let's face it, who WOULDN'T want that?
5. Take a photography class.
6. Write more poetry. And submit my work for publication, too.
7. And if my goals are on track by midyear, I want to adopt a puppy. An adorable, fluff ball that'll keep me company in my new place.

Now that I have my goals listed out for me to reflect on throughout the year, I think I will get back to my Gossip Girl Season 4 marathon!
Here's to 2012!